in collaboration with Saga Sigurðardóttir

Pop-cultural formats and the media consumption in the digital age have an influence on the perception of performance and live art. A provocation pure and simple deals with iconic images that characterize the digital everyday media life. Fade-ins, fade-outs and cross-fades, tricks and special effects determine the interpretation and meaning of what is seen on the screen. Consequently, post-production is not only responsible for the final form of the image, but also for the effect it has on the viewer. Anat Eisenberg examines how performance and live art respond to this media reality and what constitutes the effect, and consequently affect, in the theatre. She juxtaposes live images with post-production images to determine whether the standardized form is more successful. An attempt to win back the audience from the tight grip of the mainstream.

Concept & direction: Anat Eisenberg
Choreography: Saga Sigurðardóttir
Performance: Saga Sigurðardóttir, Dani Brown, Magga Bjarnadottir  
Dramaturgy: Dani Brown
Light Design: Benjamine Schalike, Yair Vardi


BAT theatre, Berlin, Germany, June 2009
Unit theatre, Berlin, Germany, August 2009
Reykjavik International performance Festival, Iceland, September 2010
Imagetanz Performance Festival, Vienna, Austria, March 2011
NunaNow Art festival, Winnipeg, Canada, May 2011

Photography: Bryndis Frid

Photography: Thomas Aurin

Photography: Thomas Aurin

Photography: Thomas Aurin