Istanbul, 2010

by Mirko Winkel and Anat Eisenberg

"LIFE&STRIVE - make yourself rich in 2 hours"
Staged tours into sales offices of residential luxury apartments

LIFE&STRIVE is a series of tours to the luxurious „Sapphire“ building in Istanbul, the highest residential building for sale in Europe. The audience are invited to face a real-estate investment from the buyers perspective; they join tours to the building that are guided by professional salesmen, in front of which they posed as a group of wealthy potential buyers. Each performance the artists meet with an audience of 15 people in a hotel lobby. The audiences are asked to pretend that they are able to afford and are seriously interested to purchase a 25 million dollar apartment, while the artists take on the role of their agents. The work treated the sale experience as a performative exchange, and invited audience to enjoy the deception in which they were complicit.


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