Anat Eisenberg is performance director. She completed a master's degree in the UdK - University of the Arts in Berlin. Since then, she presented her work in various galleries, theaters and festivals in the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Spain, Austria, Israel and Iceland.

She works in collaboration with the artist Mirko Winkel.  They developed a series of site based performances that respond to current developments in the housing & real estate market. They created  Life & Strive-make yourself rich in two hours in Istanbul in 2010 and Republic # 1-4 for CONTEXT festival at the Hebbel Am Ufer theater in Berlin, and for the Jerusalem Season of Culture at gallery Jaffa 23.

In 2011, Anat was an artist in Residence of the Goethe Institute and worked on a research project entitled Choreography in the expanded market. She recently presented a new performance as part of the International site specific Ex-Apartments format, in the International TanzImAugust Festival in Germany. Anat lives in Tel Aviv.